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Amazing Discount for Promo & Bulk Purchases


Jara Card

JARA is Nigerian’s first true discount store. The JARA Card is a card that gives back your money “now now”. Enjoy Every form of discount on promo items and bulk buying. You don’t need to accumulate points for donkey months, rather you enjoy all discounts on the spot.

We call it the “Real Value Card” aka Money Back Now Now


How to get the JARA Card?

  • Walk into any of our JARA stores
  • Ask our staff at the Service Desk.
  • Fill form correctly with all information, correct information ensures you get information about promotions and new store openings
  • Read all terms and conditions.
  • Pay for the JARA card.
  • Start enjoying discounts anytime you make purchases on items on promo.

Want a JARA Card? Get one at our Service Desk.